Recent scientific advances in the biomedical sciences are enabling technological developments that were unthinkable in the field of human health.

The identification of new genes and proteins involved in pathological processes, are creating business opportunities in the fields of diagnosis and therapy.

Genetadi Biotech a company that develops new tools for genetic diagnosis that has specialized in the fields of gynecology and oncology. To do so our company is integrating into their R & D projects the most modern techniques developed after the sequencing of the human genome in innovative biological systems.
Genetadi Biotech develops two lines of business:

• Development and marketing of own products: New prenatal diagnostic tests, infertility, endometriosys and endometrial cancer

• Diagnostic services: cytogenetics, molecular genetics, quantitative PCR, microarray gene expression and comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH).
biotech, s.l.

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